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SMTP Email Server

Yournotify provides SMTP email server for marketing campaigns for businesses in Nigeria and across Africa. Connect via Nodejs, Nodemailer, WordPress or custom SMTP plugins

There are several SMTP plugins, addons and extension that can used for connecting with our server. It all depends on your application.

For WordPress, you can checkout:

1. Download WP Mail SMTP by WPForms
2. SMTP Mailer

For PHP, you can checkout:

1. Laravel
2. PHPMailer

Below is an example using nodejs nodemailer

const nodemailer = require("nodemailer");

try {
  const transporter = nodemailer.createTransport({
  host: "",
  port: 587,
  secure: true,
  auth: {
    user: '[YOUR EMAIL]', // Email for Yournotify account
    pass: '[YOUR API KEY]' // API key generated from Yournotify
    rejectUnauthorized: false,

const info = await transporter.sendMail({
  from: '"Yournotify" <>', // sender address
  to: "", // list of receivers
  subject: "SMTP is coming to Yournotify!", // Subject line
  text: "Hello SMTP", // plain text body
  html: "Hello SMTP", // html body

console.log("Message sent: %s", info.messageId);

return response.status(200).send({ status: 'success', message: "SMTP message was sent successfully" });
} catch (error) {
  return response.status(500).send({ status: 'failed', message: error });