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SMS Marketing

Understand why we are building Yournotify to make it easy for brands, businesses and organisations to send sms and email from one single platform in Nigeria

Billing for Email Marketing

Flexible Payment

We operate a pay-as-you-go model, so you are not stuck into any monthly subscription. We are flexible and you can use your top-up credit however you like, we will send you notification when you are at 90% usage.

Unlimited Contact List

Most sms and email platforms put a cap on how many contact list you can manage. We don’t! You can manage unlimited contact list with our flexible credit plan

Subscribers for SMS Marketing
Subscribers for SMS Marketing

Manage SMS Campaigns

SMS is the fastest growing means of communication with customers and highly recommended for marketers. With high conversion rate, it is undeniably the best channel to reach and engagement with customers.

Detailed Analytics

What will you gain if you send campaigns and don’t get insights? We provide detailed analytics from clicks to open rates which will help you understand your users better to create personalised campaigns

Analytics for Email Marketing
Billing for Email Marketing

Local Currency

We know how hard and expensive it is paying bills in USD and Euro. We charge in local African currencies and our focus market is Africa, our HQ is based in Nigeria

SMS Automation

Our SMS automation helps our customers create predefined rules to trigger email campaigns and personalized messages based on specific subscriber actions. Example: User signup, Payment confirmation, e.t.c.