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Email Marketing

Understand why we are building Yournotify to make it easy for brands, businesses and organisations to send sms and email from one single platform in Nigeria


Flexible Payment

We operate a pay-as-you-go model, so you are not stuck into any monthly subscription. We are flexible and you can use your top-up credit however you like, we will send you notification when you are at 90% usage.

Unlimited Contact List

Most emailing platform put a cap on how many contact list you can manage. We don’t! You can manage unlimited contact list but only able to send to 50,000 emails per month

Manage Email Campaigns

Email one of the few marketing channels where consumers actually opt-in to hear more from you, people are addicted to it and 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email.

Beautiful Templates

Choose from our beautifully designed templates that are easy to customise to your need, you see how beautiful our website looks? Expect your email campaigns to look even better.

Detailed Analytics

What will you gain if you send campaigns and don’t get insights? We provide detailed analytics from clicks to open rates which will help you understand your users better to create personalised campaigns

Local Currency

We have localized our procing model. You can pay in USD, NGN, Euro, KES, ZAR and GHS. We are working on providing more options for localized currencies across multiple regions.


Newsletter Subscription

Manage your newsletter using our cost-effective platform to build relationships and maintain regular contact with your clients, customers, audience and business partners and keep them updated.

Email Automation

Our email automation helps our customers create predefined rules to trigger email campaigns and personalized messages based on specific subscriber actions. Example: User signup, Payment confirmation, e.t.c.


Email Address Validation

Our system validates email addresses when our users are uploading their contact lists or manually adding a subscriber. We intelligently do SMTP checking if the domain ( exist and also check the validity of the email across multiple patterns.

By doing this, we help our customers save money sending email campaigns to invalid email addresses and increase their email delivery for their campaigns

Signup Form

Yournotify signup form are a powerful way to extend the reach of your email and sms marketing and grow your audience. Yournotify offers a number of options to attract subscribers on your website using our embedded form link or you can link to our hosted form.

Our signup form can be customized and designed to match your brand so your audience can feel more connected. Start growing your audience for free!


Custom Landing Page

Yournotify page is an advanced custom micro-site creator for anyone to showcase their work, products or creativity to the world with the option to build a community using our sign up form to get subscribers.

Our page can be customized and designed to match your brand so your audience can feel more connected. Start growing your audience for free!

Survey Management Tool

Obtain valuable insights into various aspects of your product and brand, from basic feedback questionnaires to complex research projects.

Our intuitive survey design interface, advanced logic tools, diverse question types and add-on options, allow you to easily create surveys to meet your needs. Survey works for existing contact list or new contacts are created on fly, making easy to do email campaign follow-up


Contact Segmentation

Our segmentation tools make it easy to target people based on their behavior and interests or their profile attributes, so you can keep your emails and sms campaigns relevant targeted to the right audience.

Using segments, you can focus on customers that are more likely to engage and convert by creating segments that target specific behaviors, activity, and traits when sending your campaign