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SMS Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Agencies in Nigeria

SMS Marketing Solution for Real Estate Agencies in Nigeria

Sending an SMS message alone isn’t enough to increase your sales. To see positive results, your recipients must obviously see value in your message. To improve customer engagement and to drive action, you can provide exclusive offers to new and existing customers.

There are no other channel that generates high engagement rates that text marketing for real estate does if done correctly. Real estate agents have been particularly impressed with the effectiveness of bulk texts. Customers need to be kept up to date every step of the way with respect to purchasing or renting a property, this is where bulk SMS marketing tools and CRM software integration come into play. Dealing with several property queries and client leads are simplified and processed at once. Real estate agents are able to send SMS to all customers at once on updates about mortgage processes for purchase of a property or approval of lease conveniently.

  • Sell properties faster by sending SMS attachments with property information and automate replies to help clients decide faster.
  • Streamline internal operations by allowing multiple users to login in at the same time and manage your real estate marketing efforts from one dashboard.
  • You will save time by not wasting time on tasks that can be automated with Yournotify and focus on growing your real-estate business.

Sending instant messages means you can send alerts that ensures people who are likely to buy can prepare to purchase during the sale period. And in Nigeria, sales and discounts can attract buyers keen on getting value for money or negotiating prices. You can send a text blast alerting your recipients about an upcoming sales.

For most real estate agent, hosting open houses is quite a common thing. They work wonders, but only if shoppers show up. Now imaging If you’ve struggled to get good attendance at open houses, try using text messages to promote the event in addition to or in place of your current marketing efforts can be a major booster to convert churn customers to new prospects.

That’s it—everything you need to know SMS marketing for Real estate. The next step is to sign up and try it for yourself to start connecting new leads to your business using sms marketing!