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How to connect to Yournotify SMTP using Python

Connecting to Yournotify SMTP using Python is important for reliable email delivery, customization, tracking, and security. Using Python’s versatility, you can easily create scripts to automate email-sending processes, manage email communication, and integrate email functionality into your projects. Here is how to connect to yournotify SMTP using Python.



STEP 1: Install Python: Ensure Python is installed on your system.


STEP 2: Create the Python script: Create a new Python script file in your project directory.


STEP 3: Generate the unique SMTP credentials: This includes the server address, port number, username, and password. These credentials will be essential for configuration.

STEP 4: Open the Python script in your preferred text editor and write the code for sending emails. Here’s a basic script to send emails using Yournotify SMTP


Email Configuration:

  • smtp_server is set to ''
  • smtp_port is the port number yournotify SMTP server uses (587 for TLS).
  • smtp_user and smtp_password are your email credentials used to authenticate yournotify SMTP server.

Email Details:

  • Set from_addr to your email address.
  • Set to_addr to the recipient’s email address.
  • Set subject, body_text, and body_html for the email content


For more information, please visit our FAQs section:  Frequently asked questions