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Email Marketing Best Practices For Event Promotion in Nigeria

Email Marketing Best Practices For Event Promotion in Nigeria

You have an amazing event idea coming up, and you are putting together the perfect event—you have the best venue scheduled, reputable guest speakers lined up, and top-notch vendors ready to offer their services. You just need to figure out how to promote your event to make it a success.

Even though people are spending more time on social media than ever, 72% of consumers still prefer email as their main channel of communication.

Here’s why you need to focus on email marketing best practices for event promotion:

  • Over 75% of event creators pick email marketing as their most effective strategy, with 45% of event ticket sales coming from emails.
  • Event-related emails generally see a 28% open rate, but increasing the sense of urgency in the subject line or using the recipient’s name can significantly increase that number.
  • While 68% of event creators are content with their email marketing performance, 69% of them admit they’re having trouble getting the same results.


The announcement email is an important first step when using email for event marketing. This acts as a “save the date” and gives recipients information about what’s happening, when it’s happening, and where.

Exclusive offers.

If you had a successful pre-launch and want to capitalize on your email list, use exclusive offers to encourage people to sign up for your event. You can stick with something small, like free promotional merchandise, or you can include a discount code with an expiration date to increase the sense of urgency for your subscribers. Take a look at this event promotion with an exclusive offer


Reminder emails are gentle reminders to attendees that they have an event coming up. They can also include additional information that will be helpful for attendees to know about the event. Some brands include things like information about the keynote speaker or certain sessions that may be big draws for attendees.

Share your event by including vibrant content.

While most people don’t think about referrals in the context of events, the truth is that a lot of events are spread by word of mouth or across social media.

Follow-up email.

After you wrap up a successful event, you want to reach out to your attendees (and your vendors) and thank them for making the event happen. You can use this opportunity to highlight statistics from the event, or you can simply offer appreciation and let people know you’ll see them again. A thank-you email also gives people the chance to offer feedback.

Event marketing requires strategies to drive the audience to your event for registrations and ticketing. Following some of the outlined tips shared above, you have a higher chance of getting a decent conversion from your email marketing promotion and campaigns via Yournotify by leveraging our platform to help push your event to prospects.


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