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How to connect to Yournotify SMTP using PHP

Connecting to Yournotify SMTP using PHP is important for reliable email delivery, customization, tracking, security, scalability, and compliance with email regulations. It allows you to efficiently send personalized and engaging emails to your users while leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of Yournotify’s SMTP service.


STEP 1: Navigate to your dashboard’s “Account” section and click  “Developer” from the drop-down menu.


STEP 2: Click on “SMTP”.


STEP 3: Generate your unique SMTP credentials, including the server address, port number, username, and password. These credentials will be essential for configuring your PHP script.


STEP 4: Configure PHP Mailer Library

If you’re using PHP Mailer, integrate the library into your PHP project if you haven’t already. You can download PHP Mailer from its official repository or use Composer for easy installation.

STEP 5: Write PHP Code for Sending Emails

Here’s a basic PHP script to send emails using Yournotify SMTP:

Replace `’your-smtp-server-address’`, `’your-SMTP-username’`, and `’your-SMTP-password’` with the respective values obtained from Yournotify.




For more information, please visit our FAQs section:  Frequently asked questions