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Grow your customer base with SMS Marketing by Yournotify

Growing your Customer Base in Nigeria with Yournotify

Using SMS marketing has been growing steadily over the past few years. With this growth comes the need to create better strategies to retain customers. And the beauty of SMS is that it reaches people who aren’t on social media sites.

SMS marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to send personalized text messages to your customers, informing them about your products, services, and promotions. It is an effective and highly affordable form of advertising when you compare it to other types of advertising. 

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Here are the benefits of SMS marketing and how it can help you grow your customer base.

Instant Delivery

Text messages are delivered instantly to the recipient’s mobile phone and with over 5 billion mobile users worldwide, SMS marketing delivers a direct line of communication to your target audience effectively on the go.

High Open Rates

Studies show that 90% of SMS messages are read within the first three minutes of receipt, this automatically means that your marketing messages are more likely to be seen and acted upon resulting in a higher return on investment than other marketing channels.

Personalized Marketing

By including the recipient’s name or other personal information, you can create a sense of connection with your customers, which can lead to increased engagement and customer loyalty.


Compared to other forms of marketing, such as print ads or direct mail, SMS marketing is much more affordable. there are no printing or postage costs, and you can reach a larger audience with less effort and resources.

Increased Engagement

You can also use SMS messages to inform your customers about special promotions/offers, discounts, exclusive deals and other important updates about your business. You can incentivize your customers to make a purchase or engage with your brand.


SMS marketing is a cost-effective and powerful tool for growing your customer base and increasing engagement with your audience. By sending personalized and targeted messages, you can create a more engaging and personal experience for your customers, leading to increased customer loyalty, and retention and providing a high return on investment. 

To get started with SMS marketing, consider partnering with YOURNOTIFY, a reputable SMS marketing provider that can help you develop and execute a successful SMS marketing campaign.


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