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Yournotify vs Mailchimp Email Marketing

Yournotify vs Klaviyo Marketing Automation

Why We Are Different?

Communicating with customers is hard and expensive for average businesses. We make it easy and affordable to run email and sms marketing campaigns in one platform, charge in local currency and offer flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Why We Think Beyond Email Marketing?

In certain locations, SMS is a strong channel for marketing communication which is where Klaviyo lacks for the Nigerian and African market. Yournotify provides the tools and resources that helps businesses across Africa create efficient and affordable email and sms marketing campaigns that drives engagement, sales and conversion all within one platform.

Flexible Access To Features

We understand all business sizes and offer flexible access to features that suits your need and that includes free email validation for better delivery, no monthly payment, pay as you go until you run out of credit, unlimited beautiful email templates for your campaigns, direct access to email tracking analytics and you can manage unlimited contact lists

Pay in Local Currency

You don’t really know the side effect of having to pay in USD by default if your business is operating in India, Nigeria or Kenya or South Africa. Understanding your email marketing cost without factoring extra expensive with USD conversion can save you lots of money. Klaviyo default pricing is in USD while Yournotify provides clarity on how much you are paying in your local currency for the amount of credit you purchase.



If you are a business owner, brand, entrepreneur or startup and operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, or any African country (we are launching in India and asian market soon), then Yournotify is the right platform to manage your email and sms marketing campaigns with our unique pay-as-you-go pricing model that works for any business size.

Our platform is design to help businesses scale and the possibility to pay in your local currency (unlike Klaviyo). 

Join Yournotify today to grow your business contact us if you need any support with migration.