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Email Marketing for Better Customer Engagement

Why Your Nigerian Brand Need Email Marketing for Customer Engagement

Digital transformation in Nigeria is a big thing now, and brands are leveraging every possible digital channel to connect with their customers.

One of the cheapest and most effective ways of building customer engagement is no doubt email marketing, and businesses are taking it more seriously than ever before, and that is also due to COVID. There is a major challenge, though. Inboxes in 2021 are going to be a battlefield for marketers. People are receiving more and more email solicitations from other companies and competitors. So brands are going to have to fight for the attention they deserve.

Let’s dive into why email marketing is a thing and why it is good for your brand

Why do people open emails? It is an important question of relevance every brand must understand before sending out emails. In this comprehensive report, 1 billion emails are analyzed in various ways which matter to businesses and user behaviors, including the subject line in emails, the category of emails sent, the best day of the week to send out emails and the best time to have emails sent out to the target audience which will, in turn, boost the open and click

Why do people open emails?
Why do people open emails? –

Brands are sending marketing emails for various reasons, such as reminders, updates on new products, customer verification, and so much more. Some of these messages can even be automated. If your small business still isn’t sending automated emails, then make it happen in 2022.

Automated emails save you a lot of time and do wonders for growing customer relationships. If you send a regular newsletter, set up an automated welcome email for new subscribers, and this is what Yournotify can do for your brand. This will start your relationship off on the right foot and build trust between your brand and your new contacts.


Everybody thinks social media is the most effective method of reaching customers; every day we hear Facebook has 2 billion users and Instagram has surpassed 1 billion users too. However, what is frequently missing from these conversations is one simple fact: You need an email address to open a social media account, and that’s an indication of how powerful email marketing can be in your customer engagement.